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Demi Lovato marries Grey's Anatomy hunk Jesse Williams in her dramatic new video for Tell Me You Love Me.

After teasing a clip on Wednesday, the 25-year-old songstress dropped the full-length Mark Pellington-directed video on Friday.

Don’t worry, people, we’re not talking anything crazy like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber — but Miss Lovato definitely has a way with the fellows!

Demi Lovato and Neymar had a fun night out together!

Many studies have shown that those women who DO work (whether the rare few who've still kept their careers or those in more menial jobs) still do the lion's share of the household chores as well.

And who says 'thank you' when you unload the dishwasher? Most curious of all is something I call Dumb Mum syndrome.

How can a life of parenting chores, home chores, work and the occasional night out to drown the feelings of drudgery in alcohol possibly lead to anything other than complete and utter spirit-breaking boredom, resentment and frustration?

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Fans instantly went wild on the comments section of the photograph, with users asking the single starlet if she was getting married. Demi's last studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, was released over the summer and featured the songs Sorry Not Sorry and Only Forever.If our research is correct (and by research we mean Google FTW!), Dem has had her fair share of BFs since she hit the scene in 2008.I always stop to chat with the other mums and dads while I'm there, and in the several thousand school runs I've done in the past decade, I don't think I've ever talked to another mother about anything other than children, school, how knackered we are, how much housework we have to do, how frustrating we find certain aspects of our lives or how busy we are at work. This is not because we're unduly negative or moany: it's because, like most women, our lives involve little or nothing else than the daily grind, and any sense of excitement got washed away years ago in the laundry.So when I read that, according to a recent study, two-thirds of British women are 'completely bored with their lives', I find that about as surprising as being told my body isn't the same as it was 20 years ago.We need variety; to be working towards something rewarding; mental stimulation; and we need a hobby that we love.

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