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January is reported to be the busiest month of the year for online dating, as millions of people resolve to find love in the New Year.

Dating sites use all sorts of different formulas, but almost all have one thing in common -- they were designed by men.

It seems like Seattle is home to more and more tech companies by the day — and today is no different.

Geek Wire has learned that San Francisco-based startup Coffee Meets Bagel, which rose to fame after its founders turned down a million deal from investor Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, is opening a new Seattle office.

0 million a year."Coffee Meets Bagel is a mobile dating app with a key difference.

Arum says most of the dating sites are "all about serving as many pictures and options as possible. For women, most of us want something more meaningful."Instead of quantity, this site promises quality.

S., but in Seattle, it attracted three new hires fairly quickly.

“This is why, specifically for Seattle, we decided to double-down more,” Kang said, also calling out the wealth of talent from big employers like Microsoft and Amazon.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app, and Kang said its secret sauce is how it curates the dating experience.Now three Bay Area sisters are shaking things up with a dating app designed by women for women.We all know the singles scene can be brutal, that's why an estimated 50 million Americans have signed up for online dating in the past three years, but for a lot of women it just doesn't work."It was just so hard to meet normal guys," co-founder of Coffee Meets Bagel Arum Kang said.“Our unique insight was: there is a huge problem with online dating platforms in that the average gender ratio is totally lopsided. And that’s just users — if you look at engaged users, because men tend to be almost twice as likely to be active than women, it’s even more extreme,” she said.The numbers showed that creating a good user experience for women was a must for a new dating service.Arum explained it was "because we see this business as growing as big as

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