Updating tiers


The main obstacle appears to be the different application forms used for these positions.The chart below describes the revised investigative standards by grouping position risk and sensitivity levels into 5 tiers; however, OPM does not use tiers to describe these levels.The new revised standards are based on a 5-tier system that uses 6 types of investigations and 4 types of reinvestigations that have existed for many years and retain the existing scope and period of coverage of these investigations.

PRI (Periodic Reinvestigation)—This investigations is composed of a NACLC plus ESI and written inquiries to references.

ANACI (Access National Agency Check and Inquiries)—This investigation is composed of a NACLC plus written inquires to current and past employers, schools, and references covering past 5 years.

MBI (Moderate Risk Background Investigation)—This investigation is composed of a NACLC plus an Enhanced Subject Interview (ESI) and written inquires to employers, schools, and references for past 5 years.

This is a list of weapons that you can buy and keep updating/using for the whole game; most of them are useful in top level battles.

If you are on a budget/free player, keep clear of “EXPENSIVE” weapons, because they are not best "bang for bucks" available, and you can still have great game without buying it.

Though not all that prevalent in the fighting game community, (except when AB|Poongko gets extra angry) some streamers have been pushing the boundaries when it comes to showing a bit too much skin.

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