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Citation: TEEB (2010), The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Ecological and Economic Foundations. Earthscan, London and Washington The book can be purchased from Routledge here.

DOWNLOAD DRAFT : [ English ]DOWNLOAD BY CHAPTER : Chapter 1 – Integrating the ecological and economic dimensions in biodiversity and ecosystem service valuation Chapter 2 – Biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services Chapter 3 – Measuring biophysical quantities and the use of indicators Chapter 4 – Socio-cultural context of ecosystem and biodiversity valuation Chapter 5 – The economics of valuing ecosystem services and biodiversity Chapter 6 – Discounting, ethics, and options for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem integrity Chapter 7 – Key Messages and Linkages with National and Local Policies TEEB is bringing together economists, business leaders, agriculturalists and experts in biodiversity and ecosystem services to systematically review the economic interdependencies between agriculture and natural ecosystems, and provide a comprehensive economic valuation of eco-agri-food systems.

Alexander Müller, TEEB for Agriculture & Food…December 2013 – The briefing note outlines existing guidance and examples on water quality accounting and identifies the ongoing challenges related to the development of natural capital accounting and water quality accounting.

Inspired by the growing global focus on natural capital accounting, the note identifies the ongoing challenges related to the development of natural capital accounting and water quality accounting, in order to encourage debate and commitment towards effective water and biodiversity policy.

Examples include water and air quality regulation, nutrient cycling and decomposition, plant pollination and flood control, all of which are dependent on biodiversity.

They are predominantly public goods with limited or no markets and do not command any price in the conventional economic system, so their loss is often not detected and continues unaddressed and unabated.

This in turn not only impacts human well-being, but also seriously undermines the sustainability of the economic system.

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Since 2007, TEEB has contributed significantly to value the benefits of ecosystems and biodiversity to societies around the world.

The TEEB study is underpinned by an assessment of state-of-the-art science and economics.

The goal of TEEB Ecological and Economic Foundations is to provide the conceptual foundation to link economics and ecology, to highlight the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services and to show their importance for human well-being.

Publication Date: September 2014Authors: Pavan Sukhdev, Heidi Wittmer and Dustin Miller Summary: If economic arguments could make such a strong case for early action and policy change to address the threats of climate change, then could the same be possible for biodiversity loss?

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) has been exploring this question since the initiative was launched by Germany and the European Commission in 2007.

This report shows how businesses can align their actions in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services with other corporate responsibility initiatives, including community engagement and poverty reduction.

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