Speed dating for friends melbourne

We Click is bringing back with the traditional ways.Meet, talk and find that someone special with our relaxing and pressure-free speed dating singles nights.Do you want to enjoy the experience of meeting people your own age and in the right environment?Keep an eye on our "Events" page for more information.For example if you’re passionate about video games, fashion, photography or music there are lots of social groups that will welcome you along to their outings.

Held this Sunday, February 11, it'll feature four different speed dating sessions: one straight, one gay, one lesbian and one session for GSD, or gender and sexuality diverse Melburnians.

Modern-day dating apps have left many people lost, without a chance to connect to the right person.

They have left people lost on how to chat, meet and connect the classic way.

One of the best ways to get to know new people is to take advantage of existing groups that regularly get together.

Exploring a web site like Meetup reveals that there are all kinds of groups who are looking for new members to join in their activities.

Our Over 50s events were created to help people look for that someone special, in the traditional way that they love.

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