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By 2008, Kim Tae-Hee took a one year break from acting. No wonder you were award as Best Actress for Korea Drama Awards. Stay happy, healthy and hope to see more acting from you..

In 2009, Kim Tae-Hee made her return to acting in the KBS2 blockbuster action drama "IRIS." Initial reaction to her acting was muted, but began getting better reviews as the series went on. Kim tae hee is very beautiful, intelligent , good family background and have a good personality. Keep up the good work coz you were so good in Yong pal.

During her college days, she was first asked to model for an ad designer who spotted her in the subway station. We wish to see you getting married next year, Eonni : D A beauty with brain, talent and nice personality.

At this time, Kim Tae-Hee wasn't sure what she would do after college so she decided to take up the modeling work as a part-time job.[4] In 2000, when Kim Tae-Hee was 21, she made her debut as an ad model for the product "White" (a brand of maxi-pads).

Nevertheless, her acting ability drew frequent criticisms from critics and the public. you're back in the limelight and you truly deserve it! Love your acting even if they say you're not the best. You're the only K Actress who's so perfect w/o make up!! Hoping you'll be casted w/ Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Woon & Hwang Juem Eum.. Stay happy, healthy and pls give us more good dramas... Iris is my first & one of the best Korean movie I've ever watched & ur role left a strong impact to die for, also Yong pal the film is just too interesting especially love parts. Kim Tae-Hee believes "IRIS" marked a turning point in her acting career.[6] After the drama "IRIS," director Yang Yun-Ho suggested to her to take the female lead in his next movie "Grand Prix." Kim Tae-Hee would play a female horse jockey and this served to be a problem, because she was afraid of riding horses. As filming went on, she became to enjoy riding horses. I love you in all your dramas most specially LSIH and now pls add up YONG PAL! In another interview on KBS2 TV show "The Park Joong-Hoon Show," Kim Tae-Hee stated she frequently broke glass windows and often beat up her younger brother Lee Wan as a child.[1] Even though Kim Tae-Hee grew up as a tough child, she received perfect scores in all of her classes throughout middle school and was also very popular with the male students. My only regret is that it took me so long to discover these dramas. So i do believe to what the director of your last Chinese drama said that you are a very good actress and that you don't procrastinate. MBC cable TV program "Star Secret" discovered these facts when they pulled up her school records and also learned male students in one of Kim Tae-Hee's high school gym classes would often stand next to the window to see her and scream out her name.[2] In high school, Kim Tae-Hee picked up the quirky nickname "Headbanger". So don't mind the haters, always be happy, healthy and lead a positive life. In an interview with 10 Asiae, she mentioned that she likes childish things and likes to imagine about girlish romantic imagery. I've watched lots of Korean actresses but I don't know....

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