Problem updating my garmin

(I also have good backups so I can retrieve earlier versions if need be) I had GE install failures on my XP laptop until I took the advice here and downloaded Revo Uninstaller.I selected the most aggressive mode and let it go to town.If you can find the link you intended to offer in the second link, we'd like to see it. From my experience and a plethora or reports here at The Factory, Garmin Express installations and updates can and do fail too often for too many people.In my problem installation/updates, I often was able to get the latest GE through repeated installation attempts or uninstalling the older version.The feeling is that installing it (Garmin Express) over and over leaves lots of leftovers behind when using only the built-in or windows uninstaller, and this causes problems down the road. It lets the programs built-in uninstaller run first and then Revo runs it's own routine.

Greatwhitewing, Asus Charger Plus has caused USB problems if not updated, current version 3.1.9. Do reboots between updates/installs even if it doesn't ask for it.

I would make this suggestion to you and all other members - download and use Revo Installer as suggested by williston above (see I, as williston, suggest using option 4 - the most aggressive in terms of removing leftover traces.

First for jgermann, note that your two links are identical.

Express never had another error or problem after that.

I've tried reinstalling GE on top of the current version and I've completely uninstalled / reinstalled GE.

Using Garmin Express Using Maps from Other Sources Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to update your Garmin Nuvi GPS using a Windows or Mac computer.

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