Plain white ts dating delilah dating but not boyfriend


“With our band, our strong points are our lyrics, our melodies, our harmonies . A two-month term on ABC Family’s “Secret Life of the American Teenager” kicked off in September.On November 8 the song began a 12-week promo run for U. cable network Showtime’s “Californication.” “Plain White T’s are just so damn good in that environment,” Disney Music Group VP of licensing Dominic Griffin says.For all of the details, and to get started playing "Hey There Delilah" on your own baritone uke, watch this free video ukulele lesson.While this song tutorial is perhaps best suited for intermediate players, beginners should also be able to follow along given a little time and persistence.Age: 28 Status: In a relationship Neighborhood: “I live with my girlfriend [when I’m not living with] my parents in Lombard/Villa Park,” Higgenson says. At this point, the story behind the Chicago band Plain White T’s 2007 breakout song “Hey There Delilah” is the stuff of local legend. “She went to school in New York City, so when she went back to school, I gave her a CD, and I joked with her that I had a song about her.” In reality, there was no such song—so when Delilah asked to hear it, Higgenson had to backtrack. So I starting writing it, and I got through the first few lines, and I’m like, ‘Wow, this is really good.’” Higgenson and Delilah ended up falling out of touch.

“I met a girl named Delilah in 2003 in Chicago,” Higgenson told me.

While radio was and still is a primary vehicle for getting the act’s music heard, the band’s camp is making a much stronger push for a similar ubiquity with on-air TV promos.

To help secure such spots, Plain White T’s visited five U. TV networks in August to perform acoustic mini-showcases of their past three hits (“Delilah.” “Our Time Now” and “1, 2, 3, 4”), plus two new songs from “Wonders of the Younger.” “It was our chance to get in front of a bunch of important people and have that face time with them,” Higgenson says. We can strip our music down to bare bones and it’s still just as effective.” So far their efforts have yielded three different song placements in five different campaigns: Promos for NBC’s “Parenthood” featuring first single “Rhythm of Love,” began in August.

People always think celebrities like that would be stuck up, but she was totally cool, totally smart, totally fun—normal.

The Beatles, because they’re the best band and songwriters. I met her when we were on tour with Fall Out Boy last fall; she was pretty much out on the whole tour.

How did you end up working on the song “Little Miss Obsessive” from Ashlee Simpson’s new album?

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