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Features Photos, Videos, Interviews, Testimonials, Articles, Ebooks, Inspiration, Community, Advisors.Catholic is the best place for Catholic Singles to meet online.Luther said in his Lectures on Romans, “[The Christian] is at the same time both a sinner and righteous, a sinner in fact but righteous by virtue of the reckoning and the certain promise of God….I did not know that though forgiveness is indeed real, sin is not taken away except in hope, i.e., that it is in the process of being taken away by the gift of grace which starts this removal, so that it is only not reckoned as sin….Saarnivaara’s survey is nice, but it does not answer any historical questions.

Luther struggled with this since after penance his sin would remain and his conscience would be disturbed.This means that Luther was indebted to the Augustinian Gregory of Ramini, and the Reformation was due to a late Medeival Augustinian Renaissance.His theses have been convincingly challenged by David Steinmetz, Professor of History at Duke University.Steinmetz wrote: “If Luther is in fact a representative of the schola Augustiniana moderna, one of those distinguishing marks is great care in the accurate citation of sources and a concern to quote the theologians of its own order, this silence is – to say the least – remarkable” (Steinmetz, David.“Luther and the Late Medieval Augustinians: Another Look,” (Concordia Theological Monthly 44 (1973): 255)).Heiko Obermann, Professor of Church History at the University of Tubingen has tried to promote a different idea.

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