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anything you want." She began to push her body against mine, and her lips against my lips, and I began to kiss her as good as could.I remember that amazing feeling of the first time I put my tongue in her mouth and she did the same thing back; about ten more aggressively and we made out in between nibbling on each others lips and giggling.

Neither of us were paying any attention to the time. I grabbed my pants from the floor, pulled out my Marlboro's and a lighter, and lit myself a cigarette. "I'm glad you like it, I just thought you would be kinky enough to get a kick out of it, I'm glad I showed you." She said seriously. "Not every night unfortunately, but yes, we fuck on this bed quite often.

"That is some amazingly strong opium mixed with the best hash you've ever had.

I think it will go awesome with the meth." She explained as she fiddled with the pipe. "Take two of those Viagra's, we're going to have some serious fun- those make sex feel ever better and it can make Glen last a while so I am sure you will be fine." I popped them and swallowed them right away and then handed her the meth. "Now I do." "Put in the DVD player." I followed her instructions being the good nephew I am and my cock was already at full length again as I saw the image of her fucking my uncle on the same bed come to life on the screen.

"Glen and I just found out we are pregnant- so we don't have to worry about condoms." She smiled.

"Congratulations, Aunty." I said, peeling off her boots and socks and kissing her toes, licking and sucking them, all over her feet.

"Looks like you really enjoyed this one, didn't you? I had been through enough and was high enough to just be totally honest. I'd say it's my favorite of them all." I said and she looked me in the eyes. you deserve a dream to come true after all you've been through- and I don't think any man wants me as much as you do, and that make me pretty hot." She paused... I'd do anything in the whole wide world for you." I said passionately.

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