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It’s an even stronger force when you’ve broken up with someone who wants to stay together with you…because the lack of cake is a self-imposed restriction, whereas someone breaking up with you when you do not want them to is not self-imposed. he was unfaithful, betrayed you and this caused you to break up with him.

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I wouldn’t feel right giving you information without knowing for a fact that it’s been scientifically proven and is backed by a load of evidence.You have to give him a chance to forget the trauma and negativity of the end of the relationship before you talk to him again, or all he’ll be able to think about is how bad he felt at the end of the relationship (and then attach all those bad feelings to you). If you are not making yourself actively available to him, he will start to want what he cannot have. This is key when it comes to making your ex miss you and ultimately getting him back.I know “no contact” can be hard, especially if you have the instinct to call or text your ex. After all, if he misses you, that feeling should make him want to get back together with you.Unfortunately, in reality just having him miss you isn’t enough.You might see pictures of your ex boyfriend or be driving, hear a song on the radio and end up crying in a ball of tears…

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