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In that sense, we are a virtual booking agent, but we're really a tech company that's focused on solving a big problem for the live music industry.

If we can make it easier to find and book talent, we'll help musicians play more gigs so they can sustain a career and support themselves. If you're not taking a cut of the booking fee, what's your business model? Using the site to post a profile or "seeking" ads to find musicians to jam with and form bands—that's all free.

But for most musicians, they live in a do-it-yourself world, as do the clubs, some of the festivals, and many talent buyers.

There are only about 15,000 artists in the USA who have representation, but there are millions of others, and that's who we're focusing on.

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However, we found the technology was not extensible, to use the 90s term, so we decided to build..a marketplace. Doing the hustle on the phone to book piano players into late night supper clubs? There's the high end of the market, where the stadium acts and companies like Live Nation operate.

And we'll be providing a payment mechanism next so they can get paid for the gig they booked via us, on the platform itself.

You have a tab on the profile page that says 'Avails'—explain?

Today, the site – which allows musicians to post their music, interact and buy and sell their instruments – has 20,000 members.

While Down To Jam has toyed with the idea of joining one of Toronto’s incubators, so far the self-funded startup had found it’s support informally through Toronto music technology meet-ups.

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