Lonely soul international dating site


We need to make sure that people are living a good lifestyle like our other members, and they’re successful, too.“Ten thousand pounds isn’t a lot of money for clients, they regard it as money well spent.

“They could be spending a lot of money on a car or a holiday, and here they are meeting people who have been matched and checked out and it’s safe.”• makes it less complicated if we are in similar financial situations’“SUCCESSFUL international businessman, 49, healthy and comfortably off.

“Gentlemen can be very easily led by the look of a good-looking woman.

We are not ‘sugardaddy.com’ or ‘cougars anonymous’,” Emma adds.Seeks loving partner to share the trappings of success.”It could be the dating agency style profile for one of Berkeley International’s Edinburgh clients.Certainly if the man concerned were to throw his profile into the ring, there’d surely be no shortage of replies.“So I can capitalise on social time, wherever I am,” he adds.“I spend much of my working week at the moment travelling between my businesses, however I meet new people all of the time and I have a healthy social life.For while the rest of us stress about finding enough spare cash to fund our night out, Emma points out that part of the rich man or wealthy woman’s problem at the nightclub or bar is finding someone who isn’t simply in it for their money.

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