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When he was still in school, he got a severe injury to his eye which later became infected, and his friend began calling him "Jack Septic Eye", after figuring out that Seán's mother called him Jack. He lived in the countryside with his parents as a kid, though later on moved with his family to a cabin in the woods.Jack is the youngest of five, having two brothers and two sisters.His siblings are Allison, Susan, Malcolm, and Simon.Jack has stated that Malcolm currently lives in France, and has an Instagram under the account name malcolmwriter, where he sometimes posts pictures of Jack as well.Felix and Jack then became friends when Jack had about 2 million subscribers. Possibly all the way back in 2010 to 2012 Jack began dating a Korean girl he got interested in and found online.

Robin is the skills behind the Antisepticeye edits, and Jack has publicly thanked him many times for it.He now has a girlfriend named Signe (pronounced "see-nah"), whose You Tube channel is Wiishu, from Denmark.She is a digital artist, and has often posted fanart of Jack on her Tumblr.His non-video-game series include: “Reading Your Comments”—in which he responds to comments on either, Twitter, or Tumblr—regular vlogs—in which he shares, talks about his life or what's going around the channel—and “Drawing Your Tweets,” in which he draws things suggested by his fans on Twitter on a whiteboard, be it a real one or a computer program simulating one.Jack's friend and editor is Robin, or pixlpit as his online alias.Jack created his account on February 24, 2007, but did not start uploading videos until November 12, 2012.

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