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Regional specifics aside, anybody with eyes can bask in the warming glow of Kurosawa’s genius.“Macbeth” (1971) Eight months pregnant with their first child, Roman Polanski’s muse and wife Sharon Tate was brutally murdered in the summer of ’69 by the Manson Family cult.Those three tragedies revolve around universal themes that can be tailored to fit modern tastes or the milieu of the director’s choosing.The process of coming into one’s own, excessive ambition’s deleterious effects on the soul, and the agony of forbidden love all transcend the Europe of yore.Welles had previously mounted a production of “Macbeth” at the ripe age of 20 called “Voodoo Macbeth,” which transported the royal schemings to a Caribbean island and swapped out the Scottish witchcraft for island black magic.But he went straight down the middle for his big-screen tango with the Bard, taking the title role for himself and retaining the regal backstabbing.

“Macbeth” starts at that point of total paranoia and descends deeper, as our ostensible hero tries to get the jump on everyone gunning for his crown.Though Justin Kurzel stayed faithful to the source material when crafting his new adaptation of “Macbeth” (read our review here), his approach is only one fork off of a road rich with splintering paths.Kurzel retained the spirit of the original, but amplified the violence that the script mostly leaves implicit: namely, he staged battle scenes that Shakespeare had left offstage with a gruesomely cinematic bent.Shifting the spotlight away from the performances and onto the overall mood of the piece, he summons fear and anxiety from silences and discomfiting absence like those witches worked that cauldron.In his previous film, 1968’s “Rosemary’s Baby,” Polanski successfully left the haunting impression that everyone therein was out to get our heroine.Welles himself gives a towering performance, and the larger-than-life Jeanette Nolan makes for an agreeably wicked Lady Macbeth, though it’s tempting to imagine what the film would’ve looked like had Welles been able to land Vivien Leigh, his first choice for the role.

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