Husband cheated during dating speed dating in kiev

He said as usual that he doesn’t feel like this is his home, even though I told him it is legally mine and his.

Given the circumstance, thankfully the papers are in my name.

After receiving my email, he came home in 30 minutes, saying yes he is a liar and our marriage hit rock bottom and we will save it.

I asked whether he can be transparent with me from now on and be exclusive only with me. He also implied that he wouldn’t give me his cell phone code (all his emails, cell phone, laptop codes are hidden).

He brought our son home 4 days ago from daycare and cleaned up the living room and kitchen then left to his other apt for work.

Fast forward to next day last week, I found in one of our external hard drives, buried under folders of family and family members, a folder for "friends", in it, folders of two women’s photos taken dated after we started dating, sexual act photos of a few folks (none show him explicitly though I believe one includes him), a photo of the woman whose email started the whole spiral, and most importantly a folder named "me".When I called him 3 days ago after finding out yet one more online profile of his (with yet another photo, that also yours truly took) and a different name, asking him what’s the extent of his cheating and does he realize how much he’s hurt me and ruined the chance of family life for my son, he said he needs to finish work deadline and we will eventually talk.He said that he’s actually glad that this happened on some positive note and that maybe this will save him some money from his visits to the psychiatrist. His friend, who came to see my son and I yesterday and today, saying my husband is very sad and loves me very much, obsessed with trying to finish up the work.I am yo-yo’ing between my broken heart full of emotions and the logic of how to provide the best future for my son and I.Funny that I bought a book on affair free marriage a few days before I uncovered the real details of the past but at that time rather suspected a very recent event. I found out a few days ago when my husband’s one of many different email accounts was logged on by him, on the screen for a couple of days, and ready to peruse. He was having an affair with one woman, from another country, since we were dating, and through our marriage.He also ran away from home when he was a teenager and lived on the streets (never wanted to give details) and then came back and finished to highest level of education. I always wondered what impact an abusive father and abandonment by mom at young age would have as impact on a person.

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