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Gather transcripts, certifications, Praxis results, recommendations, student work from your student teaching, statement of teaching philosophy, unique lesson plans, and anything else that will help establish your qualifications.

(This article on electronic portfolios will give you more ideas.) Tip: Your portfolio reflects your professionalism as a teacher, and your attention to detail, so make sure it’s perfect.

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Make a list of things you want to accomplish each day, whether it involves networking, adding to your portfolio, or submitting applications.It is also helpful to show familiarity with the community where the school resides.Many school districts standardize their interview questions and certain topics—such as differentiated instruction, lesson planning, technology in the classroom, and classroom management—are covered frequently. You didn’t get into teaching to become rich—but it would be nice to know how much you’ll earn.Michael Moffre, a middle school math teacher in North Colonie, NY, always expected to teach social studies, but he’s glad he pursued dual certification in math.That math certification helped Moffre land employment in a top-rated school district.Tip: Many NEA state affiliates link to education job boards from their Web sites. Substitute teaching lets you network with administrators and fellow teachers, and offers a preview of your teaching skills.

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