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Though these relations had existed in Japan for millennia, they became most apparent to scholars during the Tokugawa (or Edo) period.

Nevertheless, references do exist, and they become more numerous in the Heian period, roughly int the 11th century.

Outside of the monasteries, monks were considered to have a particular predilection for male prostitutes, which was the subject of much ribald humor.

Tokugawa commentators felt free to illustrate kami engaging in anal sex with each other.

Possibly the first nanshoku erotic print, as well as an early example of a hand-colored ukiyo-e print in the shunga (erotic) style.

Early 1680s by Hishikawa Moronobu (1618–94); Ôban format, 10.25" × 15"; Sumi ink and color on paper; Private collection.

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