Error updating locale 7961 updating autostar controller


(Note: Be sure that your text editor is actually using the same encoding as the one you specify).

Note that there is a small syntax error of sorts in the statement above, the phone spits out a message: NOT .770897 JVM: -XML| unknown element or attribute name ("xsi:no Namespace Schema Location") (line=2) however it seems harmless.

Define these if you want to be able to ssh to the phone.

After ssh'ing you can log in with debug/debug, or log/log to get some basic idea of what is going on, force the phone to re-register etc, or default/user to drop to a basic non-root shell.

How to See the Status Message Screen Status messages can be seen at any time, even if the phone is still booting up, or not registered.

See process below for seeing them on the 794x//796x series IP phone.telephony-service no auto-reg-ephone load 7941 SCCP41.8-3-3S load 7961 SCCP41.8-3-3S do you have ephone's created with type of 7941 or 7961?

From: [email protected][mailto:[email protected On Behalf Of Ryan West Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 AM To: Jonathan Charles; Jeff Cartier Cc: [email protected]: Re: [cisco-voip] 7961 & 7941: Registration Issues CM / CME?

error updating locale 7961-14error updating locale 7961-50

We run a different PBX here( Avaya) but I have purchased two 7941's I would like to get working here for a lab type environment. You can go to and on the right side of the main page is a short cut to Documentation or use this link: there you can select your version of the OS and get the proper Admin guide.This line is strictly not needed, but is useful to have if you're trying to use characters not in the US-ASCII character range.Not sure what encodings Cisco phones supports, maybe UTF-8 is supported?I don't need any outbound calling trunks added, I just would like to get these two phones talking to each other..eventually get them talking to the Avaya Definty. Might be better than posting here, since there are many steps to get everything working.I have briefly looked at the Call Manager GUI and am hoping you all could give me a quick step by step process for adding these phones... To add a phone click on devicesselect phoneadd phoneselect phone typeadd items such as extension number, CSS, Partition, Media resource group, etc etc. Spc NVARNGTek-TIP Member 19,650 Did you follow the steps to install in CUCM first? HTH I admin'd a 3.4 and now a 6.0 so I can't give you step by step. It does sound like the phone is not seeing CM to get it's configs.Catch weight quantities from Job or Route card journals are not transferred to the Report as finished journal.

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