Difference between friends and dating

Sexual attraction takes a back seat in favour of personal qualities and compatibilities, shared goals, and making it work.

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If you are friends, you probably go out (as friends) and do fun things together just like couples, so if you add sex/kissing to that, aren't you basically dating?For a person to be friends with another, he says, ‘it is necessary that [they] bear good will to each other and wish good things for each other, without this escaping their notice’.A person may bear good will to another for one of three reasons, that he is good (that is, rational and virtuous), that he is pleasant, or that he is useful.For Socrates as for Plato, friendship and philosophy are aspects of one and the same impulse, one and the same love: the love that seeks to know.Defining love If friendship is hard to define, love is even more so, not least because there are several types of love.helps to build and maintain the psychological, social, and, indeed, environmental fabric that shields, sustains, and enriches us.

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