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Uruguay charges such high import duties on everything from diapers to cars that prices are vastly inflated for quality goods.

For example, in California I sold a 2012 Subaru Outback for ,000. Our daughter’s stroller cost us about 0 in a Target in San Diego.

This country’s nice and all, but it’s also got some pretty significant downfalls that have been mentioned in the briefest of terms among all the recent fluff. Here’s some bitching and moaning from someone who’s spent more than a couple of expense-fueled days in Uruguay, and who reckons most of you should actually think twice, or thrice, before packing your bags and moving down here. The interior of the country recently reached 122 degrees Fahrenheit. (Miguel Rojo/AFP/Getty Images) Uruguay is a progressive place: legalized marijuana, legalized abortion, legalized gay marriage.

South America means beach parties and caipirinha cocktails, right? But when it comes to keeping stuff clean, this country’s stuck a few decades back.

(David Mc New/Getty Images) Ok, so Uruguay just legalized the cultivation, sale and taxation of weed. To buy weed here, you have to register with the government, which will track your pot purchases, capped at 40 grams a month.

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But when Buzz Feed recently published “21 Reasons Why You Need to Move to Uruguay in 2014,” it all got a bit too much. The weather here throughout the winter and much of spring and fall is much more London than Los Angeles. Uruguay has been roasting the last couple of weeks. A garbage collectors' strike in 2010 left heaps of trash spilling out of containers in Montevideo.

The idea of paying online seems to be considered a weird, futuristic concept to most companies and government bodies in Uruguay. (Miguel Rojo/AFP/Getty Images) My wife’s a teacher at the private, and excellent, Uruguayan American School in Montevideo.

For example, you have to line up for ages at a little office in a shopping mall or supermarket to pay your paper bills in cash. In neighboring Brazil, shoppers can buy anything with a credit card, including a cup of acai from a street vendor. That means our 5-year-old can get a great education here.

Indeed, the World Bank recently dinged Uruguay in its Doing Business in Uruguay report, which ranked the country badly for paying taxes, registering property and getting construction permits.

Overall, Uruguay slipped three places in the World Bank ratings last year.

Visit a fish shop and you’re likely to be offered frozen, cooked shrimp and imported salmon from Chile. A month before I moved here, a friend in Montevideo warned me about the expenses to come.

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