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Colleagues in the US have been using drones for monitoring of invasive plants.

The Lake Mc Murtry team was asked to survey the spread of a recently identified invasive aquatic plant called Yellow Floating…

Continue reading Megan Melia,a MSc student at Liverpool John Moores University used drones with RGB cameras to count the nests of grey herons in the UK.

Here you can see some of the footage that was taken for her research.

Continue reading A Ph D position is available for UAV research at Liverpool John Moores University.

Continue reading Some preliminary footage taken with a Thermal camera from Te Ax Technology and a RGB MAPIR camera that were attached under a F550.

Continue reading A research team led by Jarrod Hodgson and Rohan Clarke from Monash University is partnering with Conservation Drones to use UAVs for seabird monitoring.

Jarrod and Rohan have just returned from a successful trip to…

The conference is co-organized by Serge Wich from Conservation and LJMU. The aim is to provide a ranger with a tool that will…

Continue reading Conservation has benefited tremendously from the generous support of many groups.

Continue reading (Right-click here to download the first RAW video file in its native 324 resolution.) (Right-click here to download the second RAW video file in its native 324 resolution.) Conservation Drones tested a backpack for… Visit this page for more information, and to register your interest.

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