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There are approximately 75,000 divorces in Texas each year.If you’re one of the couples involved in a Texas dissolution, the following FAQs may help. Except for some slight procedural advantages -- the person who brings the case first gets to talk first – there is usually not much advantage to filing the divorce papers. You do not have to show fault to get a divorce in Texas, but if there is fault – such as adultery, for example – it can sometimes be a factor in court, depending on the circumstances. Texas law requires that the couple wait 60 days after the date the divorce petition is filed to finalize the divorce.Often, in addition to the pre-temporary orders and mediation, a second mediation will be ordered prior to a final trial. A trial can be before the court or before a jury upon request.

If you are thinking about geting divorced in Texas, or are already in the midst of a divorce, empower yourself with the information you need.

You can get post-divorce alimony only if you qualify and an attorney’s advice would be necessary.

Although the state of the law in this area is somewhat in flux as the result of a U. Supreme Court decision striking down another state's grandparent custody law, under the Texas Family Code, a grandparent can get access (limited visitation) with a grandchild in certain circumstances.

Although the "Choice of Managing Conservator" document is very persuasive to the court, it is not binding, as the court will attempt to make a decision which is in the child's best interest (which is not always what the child wants).

There are two ways people can form a common law marriage in Texas: If you are married pursuant to common law and no longer wish to be married to your common law spouse, you will need a divorce.

The divorce process starts by filing a document entitled "Original Petition for Divorce." That document informs the court that a divorce is sought, of any grounds the party may have, and what the party wants the court to award in regard to property and children.

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