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We are committed to helping you find the perfect match no matter where they are.

Our membership base is made up of thousands of beautiful women from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa looking for men just like you!

I've dated men from Italy and India and Ireland and England (and have gone out on dates with men from more countries than I've had enough coffee to recall at the moment).

Given the chance, I'd love to find myself another attractive foreigner — because I feel that dating people from faraway lands is a great way to expand my knowledge not only of the world but of myself and what makes me human. Karim has learned English through the worlds of finance and technology, so he speaks in a stilted, oddly charming way. It's a fun way to learn more about another culture.

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The same friend also recently returned from a year in Jakarta, Indonesia, and as we talked about her time there, the topic of dating people from other countries came up.

(written by one of my bestest friends, Teddy Wayne) depicts a lovely burgeoning relationship between two 20-somethings who are, at the outset, pretty foreign to each other: Rebecca, a Midwesterner who is working in New York City, and Karim, a guy from Qatar who lands a job at the same hedge fund where Rebecca works. For instance, instead of saying he feels better, he usually says "I feel enhanced." 2. Much more enjoyable than a history class, dating someone from another country is the best way to learn about different parts of the world, different religions, different takes on how life should be lived.

Flipping through Teddy's novel again last night, it occurred to me the book illustrates at least ... Karim teaches Rebecca a little about his country — and introduces her to a Middle Eastern delicacy called (cookies stuffed with dates). I know many people like to bond over things they already have in common — shared love of an old TV show or an old movie or a certain band.

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If you'd rather find your next date getting to know someone from a foreign country, and would like to share their goals, dreams, and foreign culture for dating and/or marriage, then we've got the site for you.

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