Dan silverman miami dating coach

Years ago, Stanger worked for a matchmaking company in South Florida. CEOs and high potential leaders often receive coaching, bought and paid for by their corporations.

Martin Echavarria left a corporate job to run his own consulting business, Coherence360.

John de la Rosa, who studies the self-improvement industry at Market Data Enterprises, says it's no surprise Silverman's business grew out of the recession.

"Well, in a weak economy where there aren’t that many good jobs to be had, things like personal coaching become an attractive job option," says de la Rosa.

In South Florida, Publix is the marketshare leader – dominating with close to 250 stores. There’s an enormous push in South Florida right now to grab more of the innovation economy, but we’re not the only region making a play for this sector.

When you hear the words "technology" or "innovation," you might picture a kid, in a hoodie, coding all night at a computer.

But in this program, the average age of participants was 51, and almost everyone had a master’s degree and decades of experience.

Jon Hage heads the for-profit charter school management company, Charter Schools USA (CSUSA), based in Fort Lauderdale.

The company operates 58 schools in seven states across the country, including Florida. The number of microbreweries in South Florida could triple by the end of 2015. Brewers know South Floridians have a taste for it and they’re excited to bring their flavorful suds to underserved local customers.

"It’s very easy to get into a business and there isn’t much of a financial investment involved." De la Rosa says there are almost 15,000 coaches in the United States working either full time or part time.

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