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America's policy of accepting gay marriage and relationships has been a controversial topic and has received both welcoming as well as criticising responses.

Although it is a great law for those who are sexually gay, other people and nations have been going against it, saying that it affects the way gay people are seen and treated in their country or society.

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Although he had started to gain recognition in his work, he rose to fame after he appeared in TV and fashion shows since 2003 and started his show Queer Eye.According to some source, his current net worth is estimated to be million. Edit Carson earns a tremendous amount of money from his professional acting career.According to some source, his current net worth is estimated to be million.Carson Lee Kressley is a well-known television personality, actor, and fashion designer from the United States.He worked as a fashion expert in the American television program, Queer Eye.Despite rumors of them getting married soon, it seems like the two of them have broken off not long ago because some links suggest so.

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