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Even though a permanent trading post and habitation was established at Tadoussac in 1600, at the confluence of the Saguenay and Saint Lawrence rivers, it was under a trade monopoly and thus not constituted as an official French colonial settlement.As a result, the first official settlement was not established within Canada until the founding of Quebec by Samuel de Champlain in 1608.

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In what are today Ontario and the eastern prairies, various trading posts and forts were built such as Fort Kaministiquia (1679), Fort Frontenac (1673), Fort Saint Pierre (1731), Fort Saint Charles (1732) and Fort Rouillé (1750). Marie (1688) would later be split by the Canada–US border.However, the land on which is stands has been sacred for longer still, as it was used as an ancient tumulus for the local farmsteads as early as the 10th century, although little evidence to this time is available.Although the original Norman structure was nearly demolished when the site was polluted by several murders in 1290, the church was later rebuilt in the 14th century.Whether you are looking for a new lawn, interlocking driveway, patio or retaining wall, we have the expertise and the ... GUARANTEED BEST DUCT CLEANING SERVICES IN THE GTA No job is too small or too big! ***TRUCKLOAD SALE***---BRAND NEW STAINLESS STEEL COMMERCIAL RESTAURANT, BAKERY, BEER BREWING, FOOD PROCESSING, KITCHEN, MOP, LAUNDRY SINKS, WORKTABLES, FOOD PREP, EQUIPMENT STANDS, HAND SINKS---AMAZING PRICES---AMAZING QUALITY---AMAZING SELECTION COME TO SEE THEM BY APPOINTMENT PLEASE 416-748-8787 OR email sa CLEARANCE SALE--BRAND NEW--10L, 20L, 30L, 40L and 60L COMMERCIAL FOOD, DOUGH, EGG, MIXERS FOR RESTAURANT, HOTEL, PIZZA, BAKERY, ETC--General purpose mixers with 3-speed, stainless steel bowl, safety guard and 3 attachments (whip, hook, and paddle).AMAZING DEALS--EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW I Hello everyone my name is Anita , I'm here to offer housekeeping services to anyone who would need the extra hand .ware in the GTA I am currently employed part time with the City of Toronto and ...The term Canada may also refer to today's Canadian federation created in 1867, or the historical Province of Canada, a British colony comprising southern Ontario and southern Quebec (referred to respectively as Upper Canada and Lower Canada when they were themselves separate British colonies prior to 1841).

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