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“The Di Nardo family has been absolutely crushed and devastated by what’s occurred,” Bochetto said in December.

“It’s regrettable that they would be subject to lawsuits when they themselves are grieving so heavily over all of this.” Di Nardo, 21, is charged with murdering the four men on his parent’s 90-acre Solebury Township farm after luring them there under the guise of selling them marijuana.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection companies such as Portfolio Recovery Associates cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt: Contact the Consumer law firm of Francis & Mailman today at 1-877-735-8600 or fill out the free case review form to stop harassment from Portfolio Associates or to see what action can be taken against PRA if they have violated any of your consumer rights.

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Nor should they have allowed him to use their company-owned backhoe, ATVs and other construction equipment in the July killings and their attempted cover-up, the suit said.If you choose to ignore a summons, funds can be seized or your wages can be garnished to retrieve the owed monies.This is a scare tactic, but also may not be legit in some cases.Harassment and abusive calls are prohibited by debt collection companies.Have you felt like you are being harassed by Portfolio Recovery Associates? The legal team at the Consumer Law Firm of Francis & Mailman can help end illegal harassment and resolve discrepancies if you do not actually owe money.After a massive search that garnered national attention, the men’s remains were found in a converted oil tank that had served as a pig roaster, and buried 12½ feet under ground on the property.

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