Adult texting numbers


"We are currently in discussions to figure out the most effective way we can …Adults are increasingly using their cell phones to send and receive text messages.Currently, 72% of adults text, up from 65% in 2009.But while adults may be embracing a favorite communication tool of teens, they cannot keep up with their younger counterparts in volume.Get more like this delivered to your inbox: Sign up for the weekly Talking Tech newsletter.

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More than 1.3 million people have pledged to do so, Lake says.The government doesn't specifically track texting-related crashes.But texting while driving is considered the most dangerous form of distraction because it involves the eyes, the hands and the mind.An adult who texts sends and receives a median of 10 texts per day; a teenager who texts sends and receives a median of 50 a day.Three-in-ten teen texters (29%) send and receive over 100 messages per day, while just 8% of adults can manage the same level of texting.One of them, insurer USAA, began working with AT&T in November, says Joel Camarano, executive director of property and casualty underwriting at the nation's sixth largest auto insurer."USAA was so impressed with the It Can Wait campaign that we sponsored our own campaign to not text while driving for our employees," he says.

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