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Its next, and final, season will not feature Kevin Spacey, after allegations of his misconduct with colleagues led to Netflix cutting ties with the actor.

He protects the NYC neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen from both supernatural and terrestrial threats, crossing swords with gangsters, ninjas, dirty cops and even villains of a more mystical nature.Being a powerful congressman isn't enough for Underwood and his scheming wife, and the two will do whatever's necessary — legal or not — to advance in Washington's ruthless political machine.This is the series that put Netflix original content on the map, and it's still one of the service's most inspired shows.Bo Jack Horseman (Will Arnett) is a washed-up sitcom star (also a bipedal talking horse) whose constant self-sabotage is equally entertaining and heartbreaking.Arrested Development never quite found enough viewers during its first three seasons on Fox, but Netflix knew that this quirky, bizarre sitcom could get a second chance online.The Netflix series is everything fans could have hoped for.

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