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We have series E and also some series EE bonds from the mid 80’s.

Do they stop earning interest at maturity or do they keep earning itnerest until you cash them? Savings Bonds earn interest for 30 years then become stinker bonds.

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I’m wondering with the economy as it is, what would be the smartest move for me. Lizz – There’s no reason to do anything unless you need the money.

You’ll get the best returns if you hold it for the full 30 years that it pays interest.

Tom Adams I have monthly 0 EE bonds with issue dates 05/2001 – 12/2004. Ken – Savings Bonds pay interest for 30 years, so if you don’t need the money, there’s no reason to start cashing them until 2031.

If you treat the name as that of your father, the bonds became sole owner bonds in your mother’s name at the time of his death.

If you proceed from there, the bonds belong to your mother’s estate, not to you, and should be distributed according to her will or other court directive.

Back in 2005, my Mother passed away and I was named Executor of her Estate.

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